Welcome to a Home of Ring Adjuster
a solution to an annoying problem...

Offered here is a solution to an annoying problem...

rings that slide and then fall of your fingers!

To solve this problem, just add 

a Ring Adjuster,

for a comfortable, sure and perfect fit.

Every time!

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An instant, economical ring sizing solution,
providing a snug fit for any ring on any finger

Perfect for people with enlarged knuckles
adjusters can be applied after the ring is on the finger
Ideal for fashion or costume rings
which can not be re-sized

Will help prevent ring loss
when using hand lotions and sun screen at home, at work and at play.

An easy way to join two rings together on one finger

Made of
"water clear”
 Hypoallergenic PVC
that will not mar the finish of fine jewelry

Come in a variety of shapes and sizes
to fit any ring shank

Great for persons
weight loss

Makes a
great gift

for any occasion

Set of ten (10) brand new Ring Adjusters

One Size fits all.

Made in the USA

from Latex Free high quality Material